Data security evolved

Is your clients’ information safe?

We can help guide you through best security practices from data protection and backup, to compliance and risk mitigation.

Data Protection Made Simple for Your Business


Protect your information and files.

NOFTEK protects your stored data and makes it easier to move across your multiple business environments. Whether you work on-site or in the cloud, your data is secured without impacting day to day operations.


Recover quickly from disaster.

We provide protection against a veritable host of possible business outages. These can include ransomeware attacks, simple everyday “disasters” such as hardware failures or site-wide natural disasters like fires, floods and hurricanes.


Stay compliant with technical safeguards.

We follow security and compliance trends closely so your data is always up to date with the latest legal requirements. With NOFTEK, you are always in compliance with regulations. Now and in the future.


Run a secure business, anywhere.

  • We’re Flexible.

    While other companies may force you into a long-term contract, we offer flexible contracts and plans. Whether you’re looking for security testing or a long-term partner to protect your company’s data, we have options. We are there for you at a moment’s notice.

  • We’re Experienced.

     Over the past 20 years, our team of experts has served many small businesses like yours to either audit your readiness to handle a cyber-attack, plan your internal security blueprint or making sure you are ready to react when a natural disaster does occur, you will quickly appreciate the depth of our 20 years of data protection experience.

  • We’re Focused.

    NOFTEK is 100% focused on your data’s security. It’s what we do. It’s all we do. 24/7. You may find other IT companies offering you a wide array of packages and services. NOFTEK is focused on one thing. Protecting your data for your small to mid-size business.

  • We’re Committed.

    Experience our customer service first hand. Call us today for a free consultation. We will get one of our security experts on the line right away to answer any questions you may have and talk to you about the many ways we can work together to secure your data. We look forward to speaking with you.