Data Protection

We’re on a mission to help small business owners secure their data.

Key Features

AES-256 Encryption
Encryption Key Management
FIPS 140-2 Certified Technology
Cryptographic Splitting
Identity Management
Application Access Control
Data Recovery
Ransomeware Recovery
Business Continuity

How We Keep Your Data Safe

  • With its advanced security measures, NOFTEK protects you from the inside and the outside. In the unlikely event that a hacker does get past your administrative and physical security systems and happens to breach your firewall, you have no worries – your data is Encrypted. This is the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it and those who are not authorized cannot. Just another wall in NOFTEK’s long line of defenses.
  • NOFTEK splits your information onto different containers and in various combinations. If a hacker did manage to cobble all this information together – which would be like putting together pieces of paper from a shredding machine – they will then have to recompile it. There they are going to face yet another problem. Because in order to do this they are going to need a key to read the data. And they must go through NOFTEK to get it. These are just a few of the measures NOFTEK employs to secure your valuable data.
  • Another way NOFTEK is proactive in securing your data is through system-wide Audits. We are continually monitoring your servers – whether they are on site or off – for unauthorized access. NOFTEK keeps a log of who the authorized users are, the keys to the different file systems and logs any anomalies in attempted access.
  • Your company needs to be cognizant against protecting themselves from within. The need to protect yourself against unintended internal threats is real as studies say almost 90 percent of criminal computer crimes are committed by a company’s own employees; these events open your small business to utter havoc and the threats may be intended or unintended. In either case, you need to be prepared.
  • Other ways we help protect your data are through Application Access Control which simply means that we control the third-party software that allows a user to access your secure data in the first place. Unless they are using authorized software, users cannot access your data.
  • The NOFTEK defense continues with Encryption Key Management: every file or folder that NOFTEK protects has an intricately defined password assign. In order to gain access, the user would need to be using the correct software, be an authorized user, and have access to the key code to unlock the folder containing the data. Basically, you need a key. NOFTEK manages those keys.
  • While NOFTEK is hyper-vigilant with the security of your data, we cannot always protect you fromdisasters. We CAN however, help you recover lost data and mitigate the negative the harmful consequences when such an event does occur.

How We Protect You From External & Internal Threats

So, let’s talk about the 2 major types of threats you might be facing as a small business owner today.  First, we’ll talk about external threats. On the data-threat landscape you will be facing, you should know that malware has become highly targeted and evasive; it is specifically designed to infiltrate your servers while remaining completely undetectable. You need a security company that is constantly searching, identifying these threats and evolving to fight them. Every backup NOFTEK makes of your data is completely independent of the backup before, ensuring that your data is not compromised, and that no Trojan Horses exist that can “initiate” corruption months down the road. NOFTEK scans your daily backup for this malicious malware to make sure your data is not being corrupted.

Hackers try to get to your data first, by breaching the network perimeter by delivering malware that can move laterally across your organization. The virus then extracts your valuable data as it spreads – and you will never know it’s there. Safeguarding against these external threats is an on-going battle as the hackers have become increasingly sophisticated, employing newer and newer means to infiltrate your system. NOFTEK is there with you, every step of the way.

Some of the largest and most notable data breaches have resulted once the hackers are already inside your system. They may even be part of your team. These are called internal threats.   Both accidental and malicious, these internal threats arrive in your system through a variety of ways; lack of security training or unauthorized access, NOFEK prevents these internal threats with their Identity Management and Profiling systems. These terms are broadly defined as the prohibition of granting excessive access permissions and providing unwarranted privileged user escalations. NOFTEK knows who the authorized users are, where they are coming from and whether they should be accessing the data in the first place.