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Data Vaccination

Learn how Noftek helps to virtually eliminate your cyber risk.

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Security That's Built In To Your Data's DNA.

Noftek Data Vaccination monitors the movement of data coming in and out of your network to prevent breaches of your confidential user data, and ensure your company is safe.

Once installed, Data Vaccination is a dynamic part of your IT environment that can’t be bypassed, avoided, or corrupted.

Seamlessly Ensuring Your Peace-of-Mind

Total protection that doesn't add steps to your workflow or access restrictions that slow down productivity.

data encryption secure

Automatic Encryption

Inject AES256 technology right into your network’s DNA to encrypt all files — no matter where they go.

notifications and alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time notifications of any concerning user behavior so that you can act quickly.

secure your email

Secure Email Boundary

Keep your data from being accessed by personal email accounts (on purpose or by accident).

cyber reporting

Daily Reports

An easy-to-read detailed log of all user activities for your IT team to monitor daily.

internet protection solution

Internet Protection

Encrypt and block data in motion so that it is only used in an authorized manner.

secure your printer

Secure Printing

Security also means preventing unauthorized hard copies. We set up triggers to ensure your data is not being printed without permission.

removable device security

Safe Removable Devices

Know when your data is being accessed by thumb drives and external hard drives and ensure it is encrypted even when it leaves your domain.

Your organization is at risk.

Data Vaccination prevents data loss from both deliberate and accidental data leaks through all endpoints, servers, removable drives, email, internet, and optical media.

Vaccinating Your Data is Easy.

Installation of Noftek Data Vaccination is quick and painless. It takes only a few minutes per user and can be scheduled over a weekend to minimize any inconvenience to staff and clientele.

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Protect Your Company from all cyberthreats.


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