What Is

Data Vaccination?

How is Noftek's solution smarter and more effective than conventional cybersecurity solutions?

Total Risk Mitigation


Simple Installation

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Security that's not a perimeter, but a part of your IT environment.

Once installed, Data Vaccination is a dynamic part of your IT environment that can’t be bypassed, avoided, or corrupted.

That’s why we call it “vaccination”, because our solution becomes part of your data’s DNA and remains effective regardless of where your data goes or who has access to it.

All of this is accomplished without any need for training, and no extra steps added to your workflow.

A Different Way of Mitigating Threats

An approach to cybersecurity that addresses the challenge at the root -- the value of your data.


Hackers use social engineering to inject ransomware into even the most protected networks. When your data is vaccinated by Noftek, hackers have nothing to ransom because your data is rendered useless when it leaves your protected environment.

Insider Threats

Corporate spies, foreign agents, or even disgruntled employees can manipulate or steal your data. Data vaccination prevents this as movement and changes to files are constantly tracked, and data removed from your environment is unreadable and secure.

Data Leaks

If someone manages to get files off of your network, they won’t be able to use them. Your files are safe, even if they’re emailed, copied, or moved to a portable drive. You maintain complete control of all information within your organization.

Bad actors. Inside threats. Ransomware.
Noftek Data Vaccination stops them all.

Data Vaccination prevents data loss from both deliberate and accidental data leaks through all endpoints, servers, removable drives, email, internet, and optical media.

Vaccinating Your Data is Easy.

Installation of Noftek Data Vaccination is quick and painless. It takes only a few minutes per user and can be scheduled over a weekend to minimize any inconvenience to staff and clientele.

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Complete Onboarding

We’ll quickly install and set up the Noftek Data Vaccination software while minimizing interruptions.

Enjoy Total Security

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Protect Your Company from Data Disasters


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