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The Process

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How to Vaccinate Your data

The Noftek process explained.

Step One:

Vaccinating your data is simple and painless. Before we deploy the Noftek Data Vaccination agent on your network, we ask a few questions to determine how that deployment will look.

Step Two:

Setting up is easy, and begins with deploying the NDV agent in your network. Authorized users are added to the environment and confirmations can be sent via email or set by your own IT team. On our end, redundant permissions are set up at your IT team’s direction. 

Step Three:

After deployment, NDV creates your vaccinated ecosystem, the aforementioned protected zone. This zone is where your data can be freely accessed and modified, and is limited by user permissions and device restrictions. Data within this zone is tracked, and its use and movements documented.

Step Four:

Once deployed, NDV prevents any single person from unlocking your data.  There’s no invasive viewing of your logs that create more holes in your perimeter, we simply document the state and changes of data. Access dates and times, as well as which users gained or asked for access, are all tracked.

Risk Mitigation > Protection

Data Vaccination prevents data loss from both deliberate and accidental data leaks through all endpoints, servers, removable drives, email, internet, and optical media.

Noftek’s Data Vaccination focuses on what cybercriminals are actually trying to get to: your data. When NDV is deployed on a network, our software integrates into the DNA of every piece of data so that it can only be accessed and manipulated by users and devices that are in your protected zone. When data is removed from that zone, it becomes inaccessible and useless to cybercriminals (or anyone else).

This means your data can’t be ransomed, because the data itself is unreadable when it leaves your protected zone.

Your data can be leaked, but the leak will be harmless because no one will be able to see what the data actually contains. Even copied files are protected, and limits can be set on copy-pasting or screen-grabbing data out of your environment.

Even if your data is altered within your protected zone, all such activity is tracked and recorded through the Noftek system, and malicious activity can be identified, reversed, and traced back to a specific user.

In short, even if someone gets through your perimeter, there’s nothing of value for them to take.

Vaccinating Your Data is Easy.

Installation of Noftek Data Vaccination is quick and painless. It takes only a few minutes per user and can be scheduled over a weekend to minimize any inconvenience to staff and clientele.

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