Business Continuity

Don’t let natural disasters or ransomeware attacks stop you from doing business.

Recover quickly from disaster.

Our data security protocols ensure that your company can recover any file, folder and/or your entire server that has been deleted or compromised. It can be reinstate it to its original location whether it is hosted on a virtual OR physical platform.

Backup Your Data

NOFTEK is constantly monitoring your data and our system can quickly alert you if something has been suspiciously accessed, modified, created, or deleted between any two given backup points. NOFTEK backup services are available for all backup client types and for all operating systems. Once NOFTEK notices that files have been modified between backups, we immediately ensure that your last backup point retained its integrity and your data is secured.

Disaster & Data Recovery

NOFTEK realizes that you can’t afford to be non-operational due to hardware failure, cyberattacks or natural disasters. Every minute your company’s digital infrastructure is compromised and keeps you from doing business translates into lost dollars and a hit to your bottom line. The cost per hour that a business is down varies from company to company but what if you were non-operational for a day? A week? Could your company sustain this loss?

Why you should choose NOFTEK:

Achieving uninterrupted business operations is critical for your brand and the trust of your clientele.